Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meiji Amino Collagen

No. 1 seller for an amazing 3 consecutive years in Japan!

The regular choice of health & beauty-conscious women.
* No. 1 collagen supplement for 3 consecutive years (Based on Health Beauty Foods Marketing Handbook 2006, 2007 & 2008 published by Fuji-Keizai)

Price: RM115
28 days consume, 1 spoonful as provided (Fully levelled abt 7g)

The use of 5000mg *1 of FISH-derived collagen peptide.

FISH-derived collagen is 1.5 times more absorbable than pig-derived collagen.
The benchmark amount necessary for a day is 5000mg because one-third of the amount of protein we need per day, or 20g, comprises collagen in our body, and because collagen is metabolized about 4 or more times slower than other proteins.
20g / 4 = 500mg (As advised by Prof. Shushichi Takahashi, Doctor of Pharmacology)

Taking collagen is not enough.
Blend of carefully, selected ingredients
In addition to fish collagen, 2 other ingredients are added to enhance its effectiveness. - A superb combination.
Arginine (amino acid)
A type of amino acid that is essential for maintaining healthy skin.
Vitamin C
The essential vitamin that supports collagen.
What is collagen peptide?
Collagen molecules are large & consist of three chains of about 1000 amino acids connected in spirals. Meanwhile, our collagen peptide is 1/60 molar mass regular collagen.

Amino Collagen is made from extremely pure & highly absorbabole fish collagen peptide. That's why there's 5000mg.
Amino Collagen is made from 100% low-molecular fish collagen (collagen peptide), which offers higher levels of absorption than pig-derived collagen & contains only 27 kcal. After purification, the selected ingredient is made into low-molecular collagen through our own enzyme processing. The transparency of the solution proves the purity!

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